Hair Trends for 2018

A new year is right around the corner!! Man, with everything to focus on...... New Year's resolutions, new workouts, diets, new goals, shoveling snow, planning measl for the family, driving kids around and don't forget about all of the deadlines at work, now we have to think about what the heck to look like, too?! Ugggg, no worries, I got the 411 on cuts, colors, bangs, and total throwback? Hair scrunchies (yes, a comeback)! And best products to support those fab styles.

Easy maintenance. That's what I love about so many of the trends right now. TEXTURE TEXTURE TEXTURE!! Texture is absolutely going to be a theme for 2018, but definitely not a requirement. Don't worry straight hairs, I have some cool stuff for you, too! Pony tails. No, not the boring, I look like I'm 5 years old pony. Some fun, spruced up pony tails! So have fun scrolling to check out what's to come.....

So, first things first, TEXTURE! But for this up coming spring season, it's a lot of soft texture. Definitely a lot more natural looking. Not so "on purpose" or perfectly curled. A little frizzy? That's ok. As longs as it is the softer, totally romantic frizz that you can get on board with. And with Kenra's new curl line of styling products, it's pretty fool proof on how to achieve these beautiful textures.

Check out these pony tails! We are seeing so much of these "decorated" ponies. Add some extras and poof them out a bit for a different look. Simply wrap some hair around that boring pony to spruce it up. And gotta absolutely love those sleek ponies. But see? Still some texture on those ends by adding a few curls.

Alright, let's talk hair accessories... Flowers, gems, pretty hair pins. Big, small, dramatic or simple, doesn't matter. Hair decor is definitely a big thing for 2018. And no, don't forget those super fun headbands!

Yup, everyone still loves to add those braids! A simple baby braid to accent a style, fishtail your pony for a complete look, or add texture to any formal style with a pretty braid.

And for color?? Icy blondes, honey blondes, natural ombre, natural multi-dementional colors. Colors that look simple and polished yet lots of dimention creating beautiful depth and vibrancy into your hair. And, of course, the fun vibrant colorsc gray/silver tones, and unicorn hair are definitely not going anywhere this coming year. Rock out those fun colors, ladies!!

Those great haircuts!! Of course, long hair is so classic. That will never go out of style. Add some layers and texture to those long tresses and you are all set. Longer bobs, especially with bangs will be a huge hit this coming year also. Bangs are making another big comeback! Not that they ever truly went to the wayside or anything.... And then those amazing pixies!! Seriously, just like those long haired ladies, pixies will always be a striking, stunning look!

And there you have it! A great look into the near 2018 hair style future!!

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