Did you ever know someone who is an extreme science geek, one who takes learning about hair incredibly serious, yet has an amazingly creative mind and also loves to have fun and be humorously sarcastic? Well, my name is Jamie Goll and these are some of the reasons that I became a hairstylist.
I began my career as a hair stylist in early 2001. I was young and irresponsible, yet something in this industry made me want to dive in and strive to thrive. The fire was lit when I could see that I was helping people regain their confidence. 
Now fast forward and my biggest motivation is my family. My husband and my 4 amazing kiddos are my why. My why for always wanting to strive to do better and be better. Making others feel like the best versions of themselves will always be what I do. 
Being someone who experiences hair loss due to thyroid issues, I completely understand the struggle behind it. Specializing in dimensional color and being able to study how our bodies work has been the best combination in making women feel beautiful again. 
If you are ready to conquer your hair struggles and have that GORGEOUS hair color you've been dreaming of, I'd love the opportunity to meet you and we can take your hair to the next level!

Hey Beautiful, I'm Jamie!

Specializing in multi-dimensional hair color, fine & thinning hair, and whole health & wellness of your hair & scalp
Jamie is your goofy, adventurous, there is "always a bright side" personality. She will offer an in depth at home care regimen for your hair. As a full time working  & homeschooling Mama herself, she can provide some of the best styling tips for you busy Mamas to stay modern and trendy! And she is ALWAYS up for discussing a new recipe to try ;)
"Hair color just makes me happy. Creating illusions with dimension. How cool is that? Beautiful soft yet bold blondes, and rich head stopping brunettes.  And what really as been lighting me up is helping women who feel like their hair is thinning. Yes, it happens way more than you think and you are not alone. I’m not sure what it is, but seeing ones face just light up with pure joy when they look in the mirror and they truly see their best self, it’s what motivates me. maybe it’s because I can step back, look and go, 'yes, I helped create that smile'. It feels good, heartwarmingly good. That feeling has not gone stale after almost 20 years.
There are many different reasons why we as women lose hair as we age and so many times we are able to help. That is why I've enrolled and are studying to becoming a board certified trichologist. What is that? It's the study of human hair focusing on disease and hair loss. I'm so happy to be on this journey and hope to be able to help so many women."